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Goodman Property Services - Commercial Facility, Alexandria


Goodman Property Services


• Environmental Site Management
• Environmental Due Diligence
• Environmental Management


Contaminated land management
Contaminated land management
Contaminated land management

Epic was engaged by Goodman Property Services to provide environmental due diligence services for a major property transaction. The project aimed to provide Goodman with confidence that there were no significant environmental risks on the site that may be future liabilities following the purchase. The property had a long history of industrial and commercial use and was being used for warehousing and storage at the time of the assessment.

Epic completed the following for the project:

  • Review of historical information including:

- Previous site investigations

- Certificates of title

- Publicly available databases with regards to the environmental site setting

- Historical aerial photographs

- Relevant NSW EPA databases

  • Intrusive soil and groundwater investigations including limited access excavations on an operational facility

  • Compilation of a detailed environmental due diligence report that identified key risks and liabilities

The environmental due diligence was successful in identifying key existing and potential environmental liabilities at the site. Epic provided clear strategic advice to the Goodman team that enabled a risk-based approach to the purchase of the site.

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