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Australian Countryside Looking Green and Lush

Meet The Team

Epic is a multi-disciplinary environmental, engineering and consulting firm that provides an unrivalled level of service to clients. Our commitment to achieving results for our clients positions us as a premier advocate in environmental services


Our People

Epic Environmental is a multi–disciplinary environmental, engineering and consulting firm, providing an incomparable level of service to all clients. We are committed to achieving the best results for our clients, positioning us as a premier advocate in environmental issues.

Through our extensive amount of experience, over 50 years’ worth, we can provide our clients with quality service and technical knowledge in environmental planning, contaminated land management, waste management and remediation, environmental audits, compliance audits, property acquisition and clean-up.

With the use of our qualified and diverse environmental staff (engineers, scientists, geologists, planners, ecologists and support professionals), Epic produces highly proficient teams that possess a wide range of knowledge, experience and resources. We further extend our knowledge and work ethic by partnering with various likeminded specialist firms, that not only complement our skills but also address any specific issues at hand. These elements allow for our team to be your advocates, to resolve all of your environmental concerns.

We are proud to service a wide variety of clients including corporations, contractors, developers, banks, government, industry and resource houses. Providing service to such diverse groups is made possible due to our commitment to providing calibre consulting service; evidenced by our many successful long–term client partnerships and our market reputation.

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