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Epic is Attending EcoForum

Epic Environmental is excited to support our staff who are attending EcoForum in Melbourne!

Australasian Land & Groundwater Association (ALGA) will host its 2023 flagship event, EcoForum/SustRem, with the theme "Meeting the Challenges for a Sustainable Future.”

You can catch our team at the below sessions/times:

- Camden McCosker: 10th October, Stream 2, 10:30am

- Duncan Boss-Walker: 10th October, Stream 2, 3:20pm

- Brad May and Louise Cartwright: Panel Discussion, 10th October, Stream 2, 4pm

- Louise Cartwright: Chairing, 10th October, Stream 3, Morning Session

- Charles Kosecki: 11th October, Stream 2, 11am

- Jonathan Coffey: Chairing, 12th October, Stream 1, Morning Session


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