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At Epic Environmental, we provide comprehensive, professional support and technical engineering services across the waste management industry.

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Our waste management group comprises of project managers, environmental engineers, scientists and technical specialists, all who obtain extensive knowledge on waste management. Our team delivers practical and pragmatic solutions across the waste industry, with ease.

We acknowledge that the waste management sector is both a public service and a commercial operation. Therefore, requiring cost effective, practical and beneficial outcomes for stakeholders, the community and the environment.

Epic Environmental offers waste management expertise in:

  • Landfill master planning and design;
  • Permit applications / permitting modifications & appeals;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment;
  • Synthetic liner design and performance modelling;
  • Leachate collection system design, control and treatment
  • Stormwater control and management;
  • Landfill liner construction supervision including Construction QA Reporting;
  • Landfill gas assessment and management;
  • Regulatory compliance monitoring, including groundwater, landfill gas and leachate monitoring;
  • Site rehabilitation and closed landfill redevelopment plans;
  • Regional waste management plans;
  • Alternative waste treatment.

Landfill Design

At Epic Environmental, we provide support in all areas concerning the design, management and construction of new containment, leachate treatment, landfill gas extraction and utilisation systems across all aspects of the landfill life cycle. Our devoted landfill engineering team, routinely undertakes the design, tendering, supervision, contract management and validation of greenfield and operational landfill development sites. Ensuring to work closely with our landfill engineers, our environmental team provides technical support using their expertise across planning, environmental permitting, hydrogeology, ecology and rehabilitation. Our team provides all the support needed to successfully develop cost effective and efficient waste management facilities, that meet the highest regulatory compliance requirements.

Our core areas of landfill design and management expertise include:

  • Liner design and certification through CQA programs;
  • Hydraulic design of leachate collection systems;
  • Landfill capping systems and constriction quality assurance;
  • Landfill gas & leachate monitoring;
  • Alternative capping systems and design efficacy trails;
  • Leachate management and treatment design and assessment.

Landfill Gas Mangement

Epic’s engineers and technical specialists uphold relationships with industry bodies and research groups, staying well – informed of the latest landfill gas management, control and recovery processes.

Essentially, landfill gas is controlled in the design phase with appropriate extraction and control systems. However, landfill gas risks associated with closed or historical landfills that are subject to ever increasing urban encroachment, presents several site-specific constraints and management challenges.

Our team are skilled in the assessment of landfill gas generation and migration risks and have developed site specific landfill gas risk assessment models to assess impacts to potential receptors. The risk assessment process is crucial in developing appropriately targeted remedial or management measures.

Epic has been at the forefront of developing and implementing on ground control measures such as:

  • Vinyl sheet pile cut off walls;
  • Bentonite slurry cut off walls;
  • Membrane curtains and venting membranes;
  • Passive and active extraction systems;
  • Landfill gas, methane, H2S real-time monitoring and alarms systems.

Groundwater and Leachate Mangement

Epic Environmental, can assist in all aspects of leachate and groundwater management, including assessment, monitoring, containment and treatment. An assessment of the hydrogeological characteristics of the underlying groundwater resources, is essential in formulating a protective design; as well as addressing potential failures, due to historical landfill practices.

Our specific services include:

  • Installation of groundwater monitoring well networks;
  • Groundwater assessment and remediation;
  • Assessment of off-site groundwater quality and potential off – site impacts;
  • Assessment of leachate quality, volume and flow characteristics;
  • Site specific leachate management and treatment options; and
  • Assessment of ground contamination impacts.

Construction Supervision and
Quality Assurance

Epic Environmental provides a full range of construction and site management services during tender phase assessment, construction/ quality assurance oversight and project start-up. Engineered landfill projects comprising of multi-layer liners systems and geo-synthetics, require a full-time quality assurance/quality control program. With overall responsibility for observing and documenting activities related to the production, handling, storage, and installation of landfill liner and capping systems.

A comprehensive CQA report and associated drawings developed at the completion of the construction or capping program, provides not only a mandatory regulatory deliverable, but a critical implement to assist in the future management of the facility.

Remediation and Redevelopment

Epic Environmental has a proven record in the assessment of historical landfill sites and has developed cost-effective rehabilitation and remediation strategies to achieve the project objectives.

With ongoing growth of our urban environment, historical landfill sites are becoming a valuable resource for both commercial or public reuse. An assessment of the potential environmental risk and constrains is vital when developing the best beneficial reuse outcome for a given site.

Our team can manage the design and implementation of remedial works for former tips and waste disposal locations, with knowledge and understanding. We can efficiently assess a range of feasible options to view the most effective reuse option for specific sites.