At Epic Environmental, we undertake groundwater and surface water assessments concerning a range of issues, specifically related to the assessment of contaminated sites and landfill projects.

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Epic Environmental’s water team, offer a broad range of skills concerning monitoring and management of groundwater and surface water resources. Project experience involves green- and brownfield water assessment and management across the mining, oil & gas, construction, property development, defence and agricultural sectors. Our team has maintained a record of successful delivery of water projects, these include negotiations and interaction with regulatory authorities and stakeholders across all stages of a project.

  • Hydrogeological review;
  • Groundwater resource assessment;
  • Field investigations and monitoring;
  • Groundwater bore design and construction supervision;
  • Aquifer / Pump Testing;
  • Groundwater baseline assessment;
  • Site specific, local and regional groundwater usage audits;
  • Stygofauna assessment and sampling;
  • Spring and groundwater dependent ecosystem (GDE) assessment;
  • Telemetry and Data Hosting;
  • Underground Water Impact Reporting (CSG);
  • Groundwater impact assessment;
  • Contaminated groundwater risk assessment and fate and transport modelling;
  • Groundwater treatment and remediation;
  • Construction and mine dewatering assessments, design and monitoring;
  • Third Party Compliance and Environmental Performance Auditing.

Field Investigations and Monitoring

Through all the gained experience and knowledge across all major industries, Epic Environmental obtain qualified personnel to pursue water investigations and assessment across Australia. Epic provides various cost – effective solutions to produce vigorous, secure data for our clients, through using our industry proven methodologies and emerging technologies. Our services range from routine monitoring to meet environmental license conditions, through to the development of comprehensive monitoring networks, used to identify early – stage impacts on the given environment. The range of projects our team have partook in, permits for the development of the most efficient solution; ensuring all aspects of the project criteria are met.

Bore Design and Construction Supervision

Epic has successfully produced several well design and installation programs on both greenfield and brownfield sites, achieved through liaising with qualified and reliable drillers. With the use of geological information to build a conceptual site model of a site and take the conjecture out of drilling, Epic Environmental’s tailor bore design and installation programs provide quality, cost – effective results for all clients. As a result of drilling supervision, our team have been taken to some of the most remote areas in Australia, to oversee the installation of 2 – inch environmental monitoring wells on contaminated groundwater sites, through to the larger diameter groundwater; supplying bores for irrigation and industrial applications. Epic only collaborates with professional drillers, who have the essential ‘National Drilling Licenses’ and have a reputable health, safety and environment management system in place.

Contaminated Groundwater and Remediation

The widespread occurrence of shallow groundwater means that it is often subject to impact from contamination. The ways in which groundwater travels and its ability to cross property and site boundaries means that it has potential to present significant liability where contamination is present or suspected to be present. At Epic, we are able to provide groundwater assessment services for sites where groundwater contamination may exist, and provide management and remedial approaches for sites with confirmed groundwater contamination. Epic is able to establish appropriate remedial targets, through application of accepted industry methods including analytical fate and transport models. By working with treatment and remediation service providers, Epic is able to produce treatment technologies to achieve the treatment’s objectives. The Epic team has remarkable experience regarding treatment methods and remedial approaches including total fluids abstraction, point of abstraction treatment, product recovery and hydraulic containment.


Aquifer Testing and Analysis

Private landholders, industry and regulators alike, are in most cases the individuals who understand the amount of groundwater an aquifer or well can produce sustainably. The most reliable method of investigation, is by pumping a well and measuring the response; this investigation is known as a pump or aquifer test. Aquifer testing provides vital information concerning well performance, aquifer characteristics and the sustainable pumping rate that can be achieved from the aquifer that a bore is installed into. Epic Environmental, provide services in the design and field supervision of aquifer tests, as well as the analysis of the test data.

Testing services include:

  • Multi-step and constant rate discharge tests;
  • Slug tests (falling/rising head tests) and
  • Drill String Tests.

Groundwater Baseline Assessments

Under the Queensland legislation, it is made clear that a resource tenure holder must undertake a baseline assessment on any bores that could potentially be impacted by their activities. The objective of the assessment is to gain information relating to water level and quality (geochemistry), bore construction details, and the type of infrastructure used to abstract water from the bore. Information gained from the assessments, establish the benchmark or “baseline” conditions prior to the bore experiencing any impacts from the resource tenure holder; exercising their rights to access water. Resource tenure holders are essential to engage an independent third party to undertake baseline assessments; third parties must be considered suitably qualified under Queensland legislation with sufficient experience in monitoring groundwater and practical knowledge across water bore construction and pumping infrastructure.

Our team have been involved in numerous baseline study programs across the mining and CSG sectors, displaying our broad level of experience across groundwater monitoring and assessment. At Epic, we are well – respected in the industry and known to government regulators as responsible for administering the necessary legislation; our team provide knowledgeable advice to contribute to all projects’ success.

Telemetry and Data Hosting

The remoteness of field monitoring locations makes field water monitoring and data gathering an expensive exercise; with personnel, site vehicles, field equipment and travel, all adding to the costs. Site monitoring at infrequent intervals (weekly, monthly), can also result in small data-sets with limited use in environmental site assessments and decision-making processes. Our team at Epic Environmental, are conversant in the provision of water telemetry systems to reduce ongoing costs associated with routine monitoring of groundwater and surface water. Applications across both greenfield and brownfield sites, and telemetry networks can be designed for almost any location across Australia; with mobile network coverage, providing up-to-the-minute data acquisition. As part of our service, Epic also provides data hosting for telemetered sites, ensuring that field data is maintained in a secure location and is easily accessed at all times.