Environmental Planning
and Impact Assessment

Epic Environmental is experienced in all aspects of ‘Environmental Impact Assessments’ (EIA) and deliver project approvals under Commonwealth, State/Territory and Local Government processes.

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Epic Environmental is experienced in all aspects of ‘Environmental Impact Assessments’ (EIA) and deliver project approvals under Commonwealth, State/Territory and Local Government processes.

Our team actively manage:

  • Referrals and Initial Advice Statements that establish the feasibility and early discussion around projects. At this critical stage, we are able to guide discussions and interactions with government, to ensure clients undertake an appropriate approval pathway;
  • Terms of Reference and Guidelines that set the scene for Tier 1 approvals;
  • Site ecological assessments to determine impacts on significant species;
  • Review of Environmental Factors, Part 5, Material Change of Use, DA, ERA, PER, SSE, Environmental Assessment Reports and other planning assessments that support applications; and
  • Environmental Impact Statements and other forms of EIA that are accredited under Commonwealth and State legislation.

Significantly, our proficient and qualified staff have created documents that frequently gain approval and are well – known to regulators, as ‘professional and skilled practitioners in EIA and ecological survey’. By producing well refined and concise documents, project requirements are met and are fit – for – purpose; inevitably gaining necessary condition of approvals for projects.

Our team value our credentials and ensure to maintain our professional accreditation through the ‘Certified Environmental Practitioner’ (CEnvP) program and related connections with the ‘Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand’ (EIANZ). Through their formed relationships with regulators and years of practical experience, our team provides sufficient advice in their dedicated areas.


At Epic Environmental, staff manage and contribute to assessments on projects across Australia. Our team is undoubtedly conversant in all areas of ecological assessment and EIA required to support applications, enable project development (planning, design and construction) and to ensure compliance with conditions of approval. Due to our thorough understanding of implementation in construction, we recognise how conditions should be accustomed for approvals and improvements in existing conditions can be made; refining the outcome of the project.

Our team of qualified ecologists are able to conduct detailed site assessments and interpretation of data required to support applications and provide essential advice required to make vital decisions:

  • Baseline ecological flora and fauna surveys of terrestrial, aquatic and estuarine systems across QLD, NSW and NT to support relevant planning assessments;
  • Ecological assessments to determine impacts from proposed developments;
  • Environmental Offset Assessments to determine appropriate strategies for you to acquit your obligations or develop bankable offsets; and
  • Expert witness for the provision of advice regarding ecological matters.

Our ecologists are leaders in their given field of expertise, using diverse methodologies that are compliant with State and Commonwealth requirements. Every activity completed, proceeds under necessary ethical and licencing obligations.

Dr Mark Breitfuss is a Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) and a well – respected member in the industry, for his pragmatic approach, communication styles and commitment to success. Dr Breitfuss has over 22 years of experience in the fields of ecology, EIA, EIS management and delivery across several senior public and private roles. Published broadly across numerous areas of ecological areas of ecological assessment, these include threatened species management, survey approaches and the application of impact assessment techniques.

Our team take pride about our selective project examples across demonstrated fields of experience and would be happy to discuss these with you, the client.

Statutory Environmental Planning

At Epic Environmental, we are able to take assessments and prepare all documentation required for permits, licences, notifications and statutory approvals. These are vital aspects, needed to allow a project to commence, be constructed and achieve handover.

Our staff are highly skilled in assessing projects against relevant planning instruments, as well as negotiating with regulatory authorities for the best outcomes. We are pleased with our front – end approach towards government engagement for approvals, receiving rewarding feedback from the regulators in regards of our teams display of professionalism, understanding and ability to deliver.

‘Master Planning’ approaches are available to authorities and private entities under applicable legislation. At Epic, we have ensured to apply this advice to developments in the water, energy, mining and transportation sectors.

With the use of our networks, experience and skills, planning and implementation phases of your project will be accomplished with ease. Through our experience with construction, we can ensure that upfront planning is practical and achievable.