At Epic Environmental, we are a team of skilled and diverse experts; meeting industry requirements for the provision of ecological services.

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Terrestrial, Aquatic and Marine Ecology

Practical project planning, relies upon accurate baseline data; imposing significant demands on project costs and timeframes. Coupled with the complexity of government policy and legislation, competent and concise consulting advice is essential for project success.

Epic Environmental’s ecology team, utilise years of experience to ensure the right approach for projects are made. Using specialist survey techniques, impact assessments and monitoring studies, we can provide a methodology that will meet government requirements and deliver cost and time targets. Our team of experts are suitably qualified and meet industry requirements for the provision of ecological services.


Our services cover:

• Stakeholder engagement;
• Compliance assessments (EPBC, State EIA and related levels of assessment);
• Ecological condition and impact assessment;
• Ecological monitoring;
• Terrestrial and aquatic flora assessment and mapping;
• Terrestrial fauna trapping and assessment;
• Terrestrial, aquatic and marine ecological impact assessment;
• Risk minimisation strategies;
• Regional ecosystem and biocondition assessments;
• Revegetation and rehabilitation/enhancement;
• Biodiversity offset identification, assessment and management;
• Vegetation and habitat GIS analysis and mapping;
• Weed assessment, mapping and management;
• Intertidal and freshwater wetland assessment, mapping and management.