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Across our markets of interest, Epic Environmental provides smart, practical and effective solutions for both the civil construction and industrial sectors. Ensuring projects are delivered on time and within the budget, to achieve the best and desired outcomes.

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Environmental Management Plans and Auditing

The development and application of tailored EMPs and procedures, is a vital part of construction and industrial site management. Plans and procedures are prepared to mitigate environmental impacts from various construction activities, demonstrating compliance with regulatory requirements. Our team also develops the principal system across all facets of projects and their phases; inclusive of establishing auditing programmes to demonstrate compliance.

Our site environmental managers and auditors provide over 12 years’ worth of experience, preparing practical projects or site-specific documents, that will all the client’s work; this is led by Romin Nejad. The compliance documents include plans for erosion and sediment control (certified ESCP), noise, dust (including fugitive fibres) and vibration, hazardous materials, contaminated materials, waste, Cultural Heritage, ecology, water management, ASS/PASS and related site matters.

Our team ensures to include certified Environmental Auditors (Exemplar Global), who are experienced in undertaking internal and third-party audits.

Tender Negotiations

Several construction contractors and clients commence projects without a complete understanding of the potential legislative and compliance risks associated with their project. Due to this matter, the issue of projects going over-budget or becoming severely delayed are consistent. Epic Environmental, however, has a successful track record of working with construction contractors and clients, during all phases of the procurement process to avoid these issues. The vast experience our team provides can ensure that potential environmental and compliance risks are identified, alleviated and costed in the tender.

Our team has also worked with construction contractors, to ensure that the proponent’s environmental selection criteria associated with environmental management are completely addressed or exceeded; it is understood that construction will add value.

On-Site Construction Management

Without implementation of EMPs and other compliance systems, a risk of non-compliance by the construction contractor is made present. The consequence of such non-compliances ranges from minor environmental incidents to prosecution by a regulatory authority.

Epic Environmental has proven skill in the environmental management practices. With the use of this skill, we always meet or exceed regulatory requirements; providing a comprehensive site presence to ensure adequate implementation of the EMP and specific environmental requirements are compliant and auditable.

Our team provide experienced Site Engineers and Scientists that have practical knowledge working within the environmental management field. We are working across a range or road, rail, bridge, port, power generation/transmission, airport, pipeline, bulk earthworks, mining, petroleum, gasification and contaminated land remediation projects.