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At Epic Environmental, we provide our clients with comprehensive findings that are easy to understand, with actions that are clearly articulated.

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Environmental Auditing

Epic has an experienced team of environmental auditors, who are certified as lead or principal auditors (by Exemplar Global). They are led by Romin Nejad, who has 12 years of experience and over 40 environmental and compliance audits. Our teams approach to environmental and compliance auditing, is not to find fault within organisations, but rather strive to identify constructive and practical findings.

Our mantra is an audit is an opportunity for organisations to improve their operations.

We have received feedback on our audit reports, stating that they are comprehensive, findings are easy to understand and actions are clearly articulated; ensuring easy implementation of the actions.


In addition to auditing, our team is very experienced in assisting organisations achieve compliance. Compliance obligations can be difficult to understand and implement, however, by utilising our auditing experience, we help organisations navigate through this complex area to minimise the risk for the environment and infringement.