Project Description

Gurner Pty Ltd engaged Brad May, an NSW Environment Protection Authority accredited Contaminated Site Auditor the proposed development located at 444 Gardeners Road, Alexandria. The objective of the Epic commission was to prepare a Site Audit Statement (Part B) and associated Site Audit Report (SAR) on completion of a Detailed Site Investigation Report and Remediation Action Plan that was prepared by the third party Contaminated Land Consultant engaged by the client.

The project previously relied on a preliminary assessment that required augmentation to support the Audit. The consultant prepared a Sampling, Analysis and Quality Plan to address data gaps associated with both soil and groundwater. The Detailed Environmental Site Assessment identified historical fill associated with former industrial activities including electroplating and sandblasting.

The Remediation Action Plan developed to assist in the Development Approval for the project allowed for the excavation and landfill disposal of contaminated soil and reuse of identified VENM (virgin excavated natural material) characterised in accordance with the NSW EPA Waste Classification Guidelines Part 1: Classifying waste. A Part B Site Audit Statement was prepared to demonstrate that the site could be made suitable for the proposed development.

Epic’s engagement as the NSW EPA Contaminated Site Auditor demonstrated:

  • Ability to work with multiple stakeholders to achieve the required project outcomes;
  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of NSW Contaminated Land and Waste Management legislation and regulations;
  • Practical appreciation of remediation projects and development implications; and
  • A clear understanding of the development industry drivers and ability to develop the most effective process to satisfy the Council’s Development Application requirements communicate regulatory requirements and execution of pragmatic solutions.


Sydney, New South Wales


Gurner Pty Ltd

Project Scope

  • NSW EPA Contaminated Site Audit
  • Prepare a Site Audit Statement (Part B) and associated Site Audit Report (SAR)