Project Description

Epic was engaged the ANZ Bank on behalf of the owner of the Beachcomber Coconut Caravan Village in Mission Beach, Queensland to investigate and remove disused UPSS systems as part of a property transaction. The program required a short turn around ESA and groundwater monitoring event completed by Epic that indicated the two underground storage tanks had failed.

To allow the transaction to proceed, Epic executed a removal program through the engagement of specialist subcontractors to excavate and dispose of the tanks and remove the impacted soils. A secure landfarming area was established at the rear of the park to allow for a cost-effective outcome for the owner and reduce the need for offsite disposal.

The removal of the tanks and impacted soils, to the extent practicable, was undertaken to allow the ANZ property risk rating to be reduced to an acceptable level and allow the transaction to proceed. To support the reduced rating, Epic also completed a series of groundwater monitoring events and a soil vapor risk assessment to demonstrate the suitability of the ongoing use.

Based on the findings and outcomes of the program Epic demonstrated:

  • Ability to execute time constrained assessment and remediation program in remote locations;
  • Development of cost effective solutions to meet conflicting stakeholder requirements;
  • Experience in the development and execution of remediation programs that involve soil, groundwater and vapor risks;
  • Understanding of commercial and transaction processes and objectives.


Mission Beach, Queensland


ANZ Bank

Project Scope

  • Investigate and remove disused UPSS systems as part of a property transaction
  • Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)
  • Groundwater Monitoring