Epic Environmental is a leading environmental consultancy that leverages team culture and expertise to deliver innovative outcomes for our clients and the environment.

Epic offers industry leading environmental solutions to national and selected international markets. Epic maintains our down to earth, innovative and collaborative partnerships with clients and build strong relationships with stakeholders who share our vision that socially responsible environmental management facilitates economic development.

E     Environment    Positive legacies for future generations.

P     People                A foundation of accountability, growth, enjoyment and diversity.

I     Ideas                   Develop innovative solutions that are at the forefront of cutting edge technology and concepts.

C     Clients               Challenge our clients to achieve better environmental and social outcomes.

Our Values

Our Industries and Market Sectors

We work across the following industries and market sectors in Australia:


  • Mining and resources across a range of metals and minerals;
  • Government — Local, State, Commonwealth and including GOCs, authorities and bodies;
  • Energy, including production, transfer and distribution;
  • Renewable Energy – solar, wind and waste-to-energy impact assessment and approvals;
  • Property transaction due diligence and development;
  • Linear infrastructure (rail, road, pipelines) and civil construction;
  • Ports and major infrastructure hubs;
  • Waste management, treatment and disposal; and
  • Water, power and related utilities.

Our Services

  • Strategic advice and project support;
  • Contaminated site assessment, management and remediation;
  • Asbestos assessment and advisory;
  • Contaminated Land Auditing services (QLD – Contaminated Land Auditor; NSW – Contaminated Site Auditor);
  • Environmental approvals and permitting – full array;
  • Ecological (fauna, flora and habitat) site assessments;
  • Site suitability assessments;
  • Environmental Offset Assessments and development of management strategies (QLD and NSW);
  • Naturally Occurring Radiological Material assessment and management;
  • PFAS assessment, management and remediation programs;
  • Statutory planning and impact assessment covering QLD, NSW and Commonwealth legislation;
  • Waste auditing and management;
  • Landfill design and management;
  • Water resource management;
  • Land and project works rehabilitation;
  • Environmental Management Systems and Management Plans;
  • Certified erosion and sediment control plans;
  • Project due diligence and compliance auditing;
  • Construction Environmental Management and risk assessment; and
  • Acid sulphate soils assessment and management.

Our Panels

Epic are proud to be on the following panels for the provision of environmental services:

  • Local Buy Engineering & Environmental Consultancy Services – BUS-262-0317
  • NSW Local Government Procurement Panel – LGP1208-3 Environmental Services
  • QLD Department of State Development – SOA DSD-3799-16 Environment
  • NSW Government, Finance & Services: Prequalification Scheme for Consultant in Construction – SCM11914, 307 Environmental Studies 
  • TMR QLD – Engineering Consultant Scheme – SPO20/13
  • Cairns Regional Council – Project Consultants Contract – 2655

Member and Partner Organisations

Our Delivery

Epic Environmental, is a client – focused organisation, seeking to understand the business dynamics within which the clients operate; allowing us to provide pro – active and effective solutions that best meet the client’s corporate objectives. Our approach is to provide sustainable solutions by applying the latest concepts and knowledge; creating on – going improvement.

On an operational level, it is recognised that projects will differ from one another. The organisation of our project team, is tailored to best reflect the needs and style of the client. At Epic, our team aim to produce the most practical and cost – effective arrangement for every project; regardless of the project, the objectives of effectively managing time, cost and quality remain the same.

Over time, Epic Environmental has earned a reputation for the integrated, high quality environmental management approaches ad solutions provided; our team has an invested level of experience on various environmental management issues. A strong emphasis is placed on maintaining a comprehensive understanding of environmental laws and regulations, current and emerging relevant issues and environmental best practice.

Health, safety and environment

At Epic, our teams ensure to maintain strict conformance with relevant ‘Health, Safety and Environmental’ (HSE) requirements, as well as the implementation of safe work culture.

Our company actively operates under systems and policies that promote a preventative environment, health and safety culture; in order to improve the HSE performance long term, these systems and polices are essential.