Hutchinson Builders – Toowoomba Foundry – Contaminated Site Management and Remediation


Hutchinson Builders engaged Epic on behalf of Bunnings to undertake an environmental investigation, remediation and validation works at the former Toowoomba Foundry. The site has been subjected to industrial activity since the late 1800s with a significant volume of foundry wastes incorporated into the site. A number of historical investigations have been undertaken at [...]

Byron Shire Council – Brunswick Heads Sewage Treatment Facility


As part of decommissioning of the Brunswick Heads Sewage Treatment Facility, Byron Shire Council engaged Epic to undertake environmental investigation, remediation and validation of the site to enable the site to be rezoned for public recreational land uses. Through a detailed and comprehensive investigation Epic was able to: Establish remediation goals and objectives that [...]

Coffs Harbour Regional Aerodrome – Operational Limitation Surfaces


Coffs Harbour Regional Aerodrome (CHRA), is an important facility for both domestic passengers and freight transport. According to Civil Aviation and Safety Authority requirements, Obstacle Limitation Surfaces (OLS) must be upheld for areas that are proximal to particular runways and aerodromes. Epic Environmental were engaged to: Assess ecological impacts related to vegetation and other [...]

Theodore Barcham Link, Northshore Hamilton – Asbestos Remediation & Validation


Epic Environmental was commissioned by Liberty Industrial Pty Ltd, to supervise remediation and validation works; as part of the Northshore Hamilton Theodore Barcham Link Remediation project. The site contains a part of Brisbane’s largest urban renewal project, Northshore Hamilton Urban Renewal Precinct, with remediation works to be completed prior to the construction of a [...]

Sekisui House Australia – Livestock Dip Remediation


Sekisui House Australia, is proposing to develop part of the Ripley Town Centre, a 25 – hectare commercial precinct in the heart of the Ripley Valley. As part of due diligence investigations, Epic Environmental has identified a historical livestock dip at the site; which had resulted in the contamination of soil with arsenic, zinc [...]

Ipswich City Council – Closed Landfill Risk Assessment


Ipswich City Council, queried Epic Environmental to undertake a risk assessment at ten locations within the Ipswich region. These sites are known to be sites exposed to controlled and uncontrolled landfilling operations, over the past 60 years. Through this assessment, Epic was able to: Provide a detailed breakdown of the impacts on groundwater, and [...]

Fulton Hogan – Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Management


Epic Environmental was pursued by Fulton Hogan Pty Ltd, to undertake soil characterisation sampling. This task was to be completed prior to the commencement of infrastructure upgrade works on a Department of Defence site, contaminated with PFAS; including perfluoro octane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). Epic worked with Fulton Hogan to: Complete an [...]

Multicom Resources Pty Ltd – Saint Elmo Vanadium Project


Multicom is an exploration and mining company, seeking to develop the Saint Elmo Vanadium Project. Vanadium is a soft, ductile, silver – grey metal used primarily to make metal alloys for high – strength steel production. Therefore, Vanadium is used in the production of Vanadium redox batteries, ceramics, electronics, textile dyes, fertilisers, synthetic rubber, [...]

Oresome Australia Pty Ltd – Urquhart Bauxite Project


Oresome Australia Pty Ltd, is proposing to mine bauxite from a site at Urquhart Point, just south of Weipa on the western side of Cape York. Due to the high quality of the bauxite, the product can be shipped directly to customers in Asia. The mining operation utilises novel approaches, reducing the area of [...]